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Treasury Board Collective Agreement Pa

The contracting parties acknowledge that the extension of Clauses 1, 2 and 3 is without prejudice or precedent and that the contracting parties do not attach any attachment to a specific position that they may wish to take over during a collective bargaining cycle, the transfer and/or liquidation of leave or cash compensation or compensation with salary issues. The new PA collective agreement will cover a timetable for low- to moderate economic growth. In addition, there are negative risks associated with the economic outlook, which could lead to weaker labour markets and lower-than-expected wage growth. Given near-record interest rates in major industrialized countries and signs of a deteriorating global outlook, the focus will be on maintaining an affordable level of federal compensation for the country`s economic performance to enable the government to meet its fiscal commitments and better respond to future economic uncertainties. On June 12, 2019, an agreement was reached between the employer and 15 negotiating partners on the damage caused to Phoenix. Psac did not accept the terms of the agreement, which includes up to 5 days of paid leave and compensation for monetary and non-monetary losses. This agreement compensated for damages for the pending action of these negotiating partners and their members after unfair labour complaints and political and individual complaints were filed. The purpose of this memorandum is to implement the agreement between the employer and the Alliance on the compliance with the meeting leave of certain members of the Translation Bureau staff. The negotiating partner proposes to amend the overtime provisions of the agreement as follows: the negotiator presented a comprehensive list of proposals during this round of negotiations. The PSAC submitted 19 proposals that are joint with all PSAC groups, including economic increases above the model, two additional paid days of leave per year and an increase in leave fees.

The PSAC also introduced 75 specific amendments to the PA table, including increases in provisions, new certificates and other monetary and non-monetary items that are not currently included in the DEA agreement and/or other CPA collective agreements. The employer is proposing a four-year contract to allow for greater stability and predictability. This would be tantamount to repeating the duration of the last collective between the parties, which included the period from June 2014 to June 2018. In 2017, the parties entered into a 2014 collective agreement that expires a year later, in June 2018. This did not give the parties enough time to know the changes negotiated before the start. The employer believes that, at this stage, it would be premature to negotiate the rates of pay for the new standards in the collective agreement. The work required by departments and agencies is not complete and cannot provide information on the establishment of these scales. In addition, negotiating wage lines on that date, before the switching date is known and a better understanding of the allocation of positions to the new standard, would be tantamount to including empty shells in the collective agreement, since no one would get those rates for a significant period of time. The delegate`s proposal to negotiate medical certificates is threefold: the PSAC aims to be included in the PA agreement: in addition, in certain circumstances, it takes extra time to implement the collective agreement. This would include workers whose cases require manual intervention to complete the implementation of the new provisions of the collective agreement.

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