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Twilio Data Processing Agreement

21. Non-execution. In the event that legislative or regulatory changes make it impossible or economically unreasonable to comply with this additive, the contracting parties may renegotiate this addition in good faith. If renegotiations do not fix the impossibility or if the parties fail to reach an agreement, the contracting parties may denounce the agreement in accordance with the provisions of the agreement. Working Group 29 (a group of data protection authorities in the EU) has provided additional guidelines to help you determine if you are in one of these categories. Subprocessors that can be used by the customer as part of Dixa services (if purchased as Serice). Only modular subprocessors chosen for the customer are relevant to the customer`s data processing contract. 11.1 Security measures. Twilio has implemented and maintains the technical and organizational measures provided for in security checks to protect personal data from a security incident. For more information on technical and organizational security measures for Twilio services, please visit and (b) SendGrid services at Although the RGPD is very recent, the standard is that each data processor writes a computer addendum that specifically covers the legal language needed to demonstrate compliance with the RGPD. Since this document must reflect our actual internal policies and procedures, Chargify (as a subcontractor) is best able to list how we are doing.

(We can`t sign a treaty that claims we`re doing something we don`t!) A lot has been written about the RGPD. So a simple web search will probably lead to a lot of information. In addition, Twilio will provide additional guidance and information on the RGPD via its website. However, the most important resources will always be the resources drawn up by the data protection authorities or by the Union itself. Of particular benefit are the guidelines presented by Working Group 29, which provide an overview of how EU data protection authorities responsible for implementing the RGPD are likely to be adopted. Twilio will endeavour to identify such a security incident and, to the extent that it is caused by a violation of the requirements of this addendum by Twilio, to remedy the cause of such a security incident.

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