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Xerox And Carl Icahn Announce Agreement

Visentin has been supporting Xerox since his tenure. On June 25, Xerox announced that targetin, who has been resettled, had sent a letter to Fujifilm President and CEO Shigetaka Komori in response to Fujifilm`s June 18 complaint. In the letter, Visentin calls the complaint ”a desperate and misguided round of negotiation to save its acquisition attempt” and announces Xeroxan`s intention to start purchasing products from other suppliers. This is just the tip of the iceberg in a letter that does not deal any blows in the confrontation with the problems between the two companies. A few days later, Komori responded kindly. Let us cut back for a moment, until June 18, when Fujifilm filed a much-promised lawsuit in a New York District Court seeking ”punitive damages for Xerox`s deliberate and monstrous conduct.” Fujifilm is targeting more than $1 billion in the lawsuit, which far exceeds the $183 million in ”termination fees” that the companies have agreed to if one of them withdraws from the deal – which Fujifilm also wants to pay to Xerox, arguing that Xerox has taken away the benefits of the deal they have entered into. This agreement will help ensure that Xerox and its employees can continue to focus on customer service and on the basis of the company`s financial and operational performance. As part of the agreement, Xerox and Carl Icahn would withdraw their respective nominations from other candidates for the 2018 general meeting. Read the full version here. ”We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Mr. Icahn that ensures that we have strong leadership and first-class governance for the new business process management company that will result from our separation plan,” said Ursula Burns, President and CEO of Xerox. Under the agreement, once the separation is complete, BPO will have certain first-rate corporate governance rules and a nine-member board of directors: six directors selected by Xerox (two of whom may come from Xerox`s current board of directors) and three directors selected by Icahn. In addition, as part of the planned separation, Xerox agreed that a committee of its Board of Directors would begin to seek an external candidate for the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of BPO and would allow a person chosen by Icahn to observe and advise the committee in this research process.

More details about the agreement will be provided in an 8-K form that Xerox is due to submit later today. On May 10, in response to Xerox`s May 8 letter, Icahn and Deason announced an open letter to shareholders, which stated that Xerox`s letter ”presents grossly false facts about their conduct last year. Instead of ”breaking the record,” as they claim, the board`s letter is nothing more than an unacceptable attempt to deny clear documentary evidence that these directors systematically placed their own interests ahead of Xerox and its shareholders. These are also a number of claims, followed by Icahn and Deason`s rejection of these claims.

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